Race Day Review: Once in a Lifetime Experience

"My son has NF which has caused tumors in his brain leaving him blind. Being blind, there are many things others think he can’t or shouldn’t do. Going to “see” the Long Beach Gran Prix is probably not something that many would consider a blind kid would enjoy. The Race Day Foundation made sure that Ryder truly experienced a race day. He was able to interact with all kinds of drivers, team owners, and even the cars! The Race Day Foundation really went out of their way to find an interactive way for Ryder to experience a race day. They even had a driver walk Ryder around a race car feeling the contours of the body and the tires as the car was about to go on to the track! Ryder had an amazing time going to a race and is definitely a new fan of racing. We can’t thank The Race Day Foundation enough for giving Ryder this once in a lifetime experience." - 6/1/2017 BrySav